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Things I have been known to do instead of writing.

Alas, Procrastination, I know ye well.

Despite my best intentions, I sometimes find myself doing things that don't exactly hasten my progress on the next novel.

Here's a partial list of ways I dilly dally:

1. Working.

2. Thinking about working.

3. Researching for work (a.k.a. watching commercials on YouTube).

4. Doing research for the next book (i.e. reading).

5. Watching crime TV and calling it research.

6. Facebooking

7. Checking the Facebook status of friends of friends.

8. Folding laundry.

9. Watching YouTube tutorials on the best way to fold laundry.

10. Watching YouTube tutorials on how to do a Scottish accent while folding laundry.

11. Researching the difference between a Scottish and Irish accent.

12. Researching Welsh accents.

13. Researching Welsh surnames for my main character.

14. Deciding my main character should be Albanian then researching Albania.

15. Trying to find out whether the Tartan Prancer, the Albanian mini van featured in the new Vacation movie, is real.

16. Taking Facebook tests that will tell me which Chevy Chase character I am. (Answer: Fletch)

17. Eating.

18. Thinking about eating.

19. Making something to eat.

20. Editing what I wrote the day before.

21. Re-editing my edits. Then re-editing those edits.

22. Thinking about blogging.

23. Actually blogging.

24. Determining my porn star name. (Tasha Quincy, thankyouverymuch.)

25. Self-flagellating for procrastinating.

Sure, I do have productive writing days. Scores of them, actually. And there are more ways that I procrastinate. I'll get to the rest of that know...later.

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