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That about covers it. The 39 Winks cover reveal.

The cover for the next book in the Maggie O'Malley mystery series is here, and I couldn't be more excited. I mean, just look at this beauty!

And as thrilled as I am about the cover, I'm even more excited about the book.

39 Winks picks up in the aftermath of the events at the end of Protocol, the first book in the series. Maggie has a new job, a new relationship status and a new problem: she's losing sleep, and for good reason.

Constantine's Aunt Polly is a multitasking sleepwalker who prepares meals, folds laundry and, one winter night, stumbles across her husband with his throat slit.

It’s a rude and gruesome awakening that’s upsetting to Aunt Polly. And interesting to the police.

Maggie and Constantine work to uncover who killed the cosmetic surgery mogul and why. As they dig into the lives of those who knew him best, they discover that doctoring perception has deadly side effects.

The book releases May 22nd, and pre-orders are available this week. (Please stay tuned for the announcement!)

I'm so pleased that others love this book as much as I do.

New York Times Bestselling Author Patricia Gussin had this to say about 39 Winks:

"Maggie O’Malley will not be cowered, stopped, or out-smarted as she sets out to prove the innocence of a friend facing a murder charge. Medicine gone terribly wrong, social injustice, and betrayal does not deter her relentless search for the truth. 39 Winks has is all: characters, plot, pace—from the very first line to the spectacular conclusion."

And USA Today Bestselling Author Julie Mulhern said this:

"With twists you won't see coming, Maggie O'Malley and 39 Winks are sure to keep you up all night!"

Kathleen Barber, author of the acclaimed Are You Sleeping (currently under development to become a mini-series) called 39 Winks "A clever and twisty thriller that will grab you from the first sentence and keep you guessing until the very end."

Thanks to all who have been on this journey with Maggie and me. I hope you'll be with us for what comes next.



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