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The Agatha Awards "Best First Novel" Blog Hop

Know what's better than being nominated for an Agatha Award? Getting to know my fellow nominees.

Since our nomination for best debut mystery, my fellow noms (whom I call my sister-authors) and I have made the rounds on various and sundry book blogs. This opportunity not only allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my book, but also foster friendships with these talented, wonderful, and all-kinds-of-amazing women.

Below is a list of our hop stops. Please hop on by and get to know us (and our books) better.


Our Very First Interview:

The Noms Go Hollywood (or Who We'd Cast for Our Main Characters):

Playing Favorites: Our Favorite Characters to Write:

Writing Habits, Book Deets and Our Protagonists' Footwear:

Our Main Characters' Main Flaws:

An Interview in Which We Say Interesting-ish Things:

Our Superstitions (Or, for me, Another Way I'm Weird):

A Trip Down Memory Lane (Reminiscing About Our First Bylines):

Our Protagonists' Provisions, Should They Ever Be Stranded on a Desert Island:

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